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Starting the day your brand-new parking lot is completed, it slowly begins to deteriorate, but it can be combated with routine preventative maintenance. To better understand what kind of maintenance your parking lot needs, you first will need to know its condition. To do this, you must first access the condition of your parking lot.

Life Cycle of A Parking Lot and How to Gauge its Condition

Excellent – (First 5 Years)

Asphalt is fresh and durable. You may see a few small cracks develop or notice a little discoloration from sun and traffic, but the parking lot still looks great.

Good – (5 to 10 Years)

After about a decade, your parking lot may require some minor repairs. During this period, it’s common to see cracking and noticeable fading from UV rays.  Standard maintenance, such as crack sealing, sealcoating, line striping, and patch repairs should be performed.

Fair – (7 – 15 Years)

Eventually, your parking lot will need more extensive repairs. Larger cracks will begin to form, along with potholes and other serious issues caused by moisture getting under the asphalt. Depending on how damaged your parking lot is, a resurfacing or overlay is usually recommended to extend the life of your parking lot.

Poor – (12 – 25 Years)

All parking lots will eventually end up here, depending on the amount of preventative maintenance you have performed over the life of your lot. Once your parking lot has reached this stage, the asphalt is old and brittle from traffic and exposure to elements. Total reconstruction is required at this stage.

PaveConnect can help you assess the condition of your parking lot and help you create a plan to extend its life.

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