Signs That Its Time to Repave Your Parking Lot!

Signs it's time to repave your parking lot

Spring is finally here! The warm weather is returning, and flowers are beginning to bloom. We watch each year as budding flowers mature throughout the summer, only to fade away in the fall. It may not seem like it, but your parking lot goes through a similar process during its lifecycle, albeit a longer one. From the moment the last paving truck pulls out of your lot, it begins the long, slow process of breaking down and deteriorating. This decay is inevitable and a direct result of many combined factors:

  • the daily abuse your parking lot takes from the heavy vehicles driving on them and the various fluids that leak onto your lot
  • being constantly bombarded with harsh UV rays from the sun that break down the chemicals bonding your parking lot together
  • Other seasonal elements such as heavy rain, snow, or ice.

PaveConnect Can Help You Put a Maintenance Plan Together for Your Parking Lot!

When left unmaintained, the average parking lot only lasts about 12 years before needing to be completely repaved. Now, let’s assume that you haven’t been using a routine maintenance plan to protect your investment. How do you know when your parking lot is past the point of no return? We’ll break down the tell-tale signs that your parking lot is nearing the end of its lifecycle.

1. Excessive Cracking

    • Alligator Cracking – This type of cracking appears as a series of interconnecting cracks in asphalt pavement surfaces that form a pattern resembling that of alligator hide. These cracks indicate failure of the surface layer.
    • Block Cracking – Often appearing as a rectangular pattern, this type of cracking is often caused by hardening due to aging, paired with shrinkage due to thermal contraction of the mixture.
    • Reflection Cracking – Cracking that appears on the surface of pavement above joints and cracks in the underlying pavement layer due to movement at those joints.
    • Slippage Cracking – Cracking associated with horizontal displacement of a localized area of asphalt pavement surface created by a weak bond between layers in the pavement.

2. Excessive Potholes 

    • Potholes are the result of a collapsed pavement surface. A loss of asphalt on the surface can harm the integrity of the top layer of pavement, with the potential to bury deeper into the subgrade, causing greater damage to your parking lot.

3. Raveling

    • Best described as an aggregate loss on the pavement surface, raveling is caused by the wearing away of the pavement surface, dislodging of aggregate particles, shrinkage, or insufficient adhesive.

4. Root Damage

    • Severe root damage typically comes as the result of root intrusion from nearby trees and landscaping, causing raised and cracked areas in your parking lot.

Now, as the parking lot ages, each of the above symptoms begin to appear. While a few cracks or small potholes may only seem like a small annoyance, it could be symptoms of a much larger problem. Not to mention that potholes, cracks, and unraveling are a hazard to pedestrians traversing through your parking lot! They can also damage the vehicles driving through your lot, leaving you liable for personal injuries or damage.

Lifecycle of a Parking Lot

The best way to avoid this is by performing regularly scheduled maintenance throughout the life of your parking lot. If you utilize a preventative maintenance plan, you can extend the life of your parking lot! On average, a well-maintained parking lot will be much safer and can last up to 25 years, more than doubling its original lifecycle!

If your parking lot is showing excessive signs of degradation, don’t delay, contact a paving specialist to assess the status of your parking lot. If you need help scheduling an assessment or have questions about paving maintenance, call the professionals at PaveConnect! Our team can assist you in putting a maintenance plan in place and help extend the life of your parking lot! Don’t wait, call today!

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